What’s the Podcast about?

Memhert Ts’gié Mariam would like to take those who donate to her writing and research initiative on her journey to get all of these historic books published and on the market. She will be traveling back to the Ethiopian monasteries to engage holy church painters to paint some of the key conceptual illustrations that have never been illustrated before in the history of the Church as far as we have been able to find. She will be taking the Podcast with her back to Ethiopia’s monasteries, to a site purported to be the burial place of the Queen of Sheba in another part of Ethiopa – Africa outside of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and also to her meetings at museums and exhibits of Kushitic – Ethiopian – African culture in the past and present, internationally.

At her students request she will also have regular messages on applying our ancient faith to modern everyday challenges. She would also like to be able to develop a real time relationship with those who are sponsoring her and also with those interested in her workso that you can be a part of this exciting journey from its inception to its conclusion and beyond.